How to utilize Excel spreadsheets

This document details the steps to load an excel spreadsheet into BEAM Test to be used as a datasheet.

Creating an Excel file for data input
Open an Excel worksheet and highlight the entire sheet.


Text fields, strings
Right mouse click and select "Format Cells" and then make the entire sheet as Text as below.


Create the input file.
Column names must be unique within a TEST SUITE and should not contain spaces.   “Underscores” are allowed.
  Note: Best Practice - make the first column as SEQ # and the column names in upper case
Save the Excel file as 1997-2003 workbook format preferably in the "Data" directory of the test suite.


Importing Data file into Test Suite as a Parameterized file
1) Highlight and right mouse click on "Parameterized Data Files"
2) Select "Add Existing File" from the list (as shown below)


3) In the dialog box below, browse for the xls file that you have created
If the xls file is not in the "Data" folder of the Test Suite's folder click the box
to copy over. Now provide a name for the Paramaterized file. It can be the same
as your xls file. Then click "OK"

4 ) Another Dialog box will appear as below. This gives you an option
to select a worksheet in the input file. Click "OK" again


5) When you clicked "OK" above the following dialog box will appear
Provide a name which can be same as your xls file. This will convert
your xls input file into a "xml" file that will be used in your test scripts.


6) Now your input file will show up under "Parameterized Data Files"
If you double click on "TEST_DEPTID.XML" it will open the far right side
of the test suite.


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    Ed Burt

    Additional tips -
    Use all numbers for the PeopleSoft date 01212017 - no slashes and excel with not reformat the value into a Julian number
    Copy the excel date column into another editor (notepad, wordpad, ..), then copy it back into a text column in excel, with the paste value option to maintain the text format

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