Running BEAM Test scripts from Test Suites stored on the Network


BEAM Test, version 3.x and earlier, requires .Net 1.1.   This older version of .Net uses ‘level of trust’ functionality for internet aspects AND network drives.

The test suite itself become a DLL executable when test scripts are ‘run’ (played back), triggering the level of trust function.


To run scripts from Test Suites stored on a network drive, the level of trust setting must be updated to ‘trust’ the network drive.


The following error message may occur upon running a test script, from a test suite stored on a network drive if this configuration is not properly established:

Runtime load failure:  Test executables are out of date



Solution - Setting the level of trust

Setting this configuration option is a command line step, which requires administrator rights to the machine BEAM Test is installed upon.


From the machine that BEAM Test is installed on, open a command line prompt. (Start -> cmd)

 If accessing the test suites using a mapped network drive (F:, Z:, etc.), enter, and execute the command: 

"C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322\CasPol.exe" -m -pp off -ag 1.2 -url “file:///driveletter:/*” FullTrust

(Replace driveletter with the letter designating your network drive. Please note, this is a single line command in the cmd prompt. )



Or -- If accessing the test suites using a UNC path, enter and execute the command:

"C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322\CasPol.exe" -m -pp off -ag 1.2 -url file://///server/share/* FullTrust

(Replace server and share as appropriate. Please note, this is a single line command in the cmd prompt.)

Expected results:

Added union code group....



Launch BEAM Test, access the Test suite on the network drive and playback any test script to confirm all is in working order.

Additional information

This command provides access to anyone running BEAM Test on the machine where the command was executed.  It also provides access to any test suite residing on that network drive or share.  It does not have to be repeated for each test suite.

Note:  If the Windows system directory is not located on the C: drive, adjust the path to CasPol.exe accordingly.  There are, most likely, multiple copies of CasPol.exe on any Windows machine.  It is vital to run the version associated with the .NET Framework 1.1 installation.

If you are unsure which method is used to access the network drive (mapped drive or UNC path), open BEAM Test, from the File menu -> recent Test Suites menu will show the network access method.

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