Upgrading BEAM Test

When upgrading to a newer version of BEAM Test for a fix or an enhancement, simply run the latest installer.   This will install the latest version and bring forward the license and all existing Test Suites. 

However, there are some specific upgrade paths which require an “uninstall” before upgrading.  In these cases, the installation setup will fail with an error message stating that the uninstall step is required.

Please note, even when uninstalling, existing Test Suites and the license are carried forward.  Prior BEAM Test work will not be lost. 


If you run the installer and receive this message



The installer has detected that an additional step will be necessary before upgrading.  As the message directs, go to Control Panel and uninstall BEAM Test 4.  Do not uninstall the BEAM Test License


Once this is complete, you can return to the latest installer and complete the upgrade of BEAM Test.








The “uninstall” is required when upgrading from Build 380 (Version 4.3) to Build 385, Version 4.3.1.


If you wish, you can check your version of BEAM Test to determine if you need to uninstall before upgrading.  From the Start Menu, start BEAM Test.  From the menu bar, click Help, then “About BEAM Test”.







Or via the control panel:





If you have version 4.3.0 Build 380, then you will need to uninstall before upgrading to BEAM Test 4.3.1.



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