Invalid datasheet column names

Subject: Reserved words


The following reserved words are invalid names for the datasheet column names. (The excel column headers which become the parameterized field names):


private string[] keywords =


            "this", "base", "as", "is", "new", "sizeof", "typeof", "true", "false",

            "stackalloc", "else", "if", "switch", "case", "do", "for", "foreach", "in",

            "while", "break", "continue", "default", "goto", "return", "try", "throw", "catch",

            "finally", "checked", "unchecked", "fixed", "unsafe", "bool", "byte", "char",

            "decimal", "double", "enum", "float", "int", "long", "sbyte", "short", "struct",

            "uint", "ushort", "ulong", "class", "interface", "delegate", "object", "string",

            "void", "explicit", "implicit", "operator", "params", "ref", "out", "abstract",

            "const", "event", "extern", "override", "readonly", "sealed", "static", "virtual",

            "public", "protected", "private", "internal", "namespace", "package", "extends",

            "using", "import", "function", "var", "lock", "null"


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